All Who Are Lost

What do you do
when the love of your life
is the last person you should love?

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All Who Are Lost

All Who Are Lost

Always out of reach…

From the day Laura and Richard met, their bond was true and unshakable. He was her perfect boy knight; she was his adoring little slave. He shielded her against her father’s cruelty; she worshiped him and did his bidding. But childhood love is sweet and uncomplicated, and Laura never had a chance. Her Prince Charming saw only Diana, the golden girl, the fairy tale princess … her older sister.

 He never saw her…

But princesses can betray and destroy, and happily ever after can drown under the weight of lies and infidelity. Reeling from the darkness of a ruined marriage, Richard turned to the last woman in the world he should love – Diana’s fiercest enemy. And Laura, unloved, unwanted, walked away forever, escaping the pain of a love she could never know….

 If all else perished…

She intends never to return. She has built a new life, a new identity. She is rich, famous, protected. But when tragedy tears her world apart, Laura returns to bury the past. And now Richard’s eyes are open, now he sees her, now he is no longer out of reach….

But the past is not gone, and Diana still holds fast ….