Ashmore’s Folly Trilogy

“A dense, thorny romance
full of multidimensional,
morally ambiguous characters
struggling to find peace
despite sins of the past.”
— Kirkus Reviews

One man.
Three women.
Too many betrayals.
One last chance.

On a cold winter day, a woman calls a number halfway across the world.

A man answers.

After fourteen years, Laura St. Bride hears the voice she has never forgotten, the voice she will remember with her last breath…

What do you do
when the love of your life
is the last person you should love?

A great family estate in Virginia.

Three sisters growing up in the shadow of their father’s obsessive drive to recapture his lost muse, the woman he threw into the cold Irish sea.

The scion of an old family, falling in love with the wrong sister, blind to the ice at her core.

A woman haunted by a moment of blood and violence, when she reached out and took a man who didn’t belong to her.

A man living a life of regret and sacrifice, given a second chance to claim the woman he should have loved all along.

The Ashmore’s Folly Trilogy

 A Saga of Family Betrayals
and Secrets

All Who Are Lost: Book One

October 21, 2014

All That Lies Broken: Book Two

June 23, 2015

All That Time Erases: Book Three

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