Diana Ashmore

Diana Ashmore

Diana Ashmore

Author’s note: This is the same model who appears on the covers, but this is a more worldly picture. I don’t see the vulnerability in this photo that I have seen in most of the other pictures in her portfolio. I chose this picture to represent Diana because she and Laura look alike, but they are so different in personality.

Diana Renée Abbott Ashmore

Age (at time of story):
37 (six months younger than Richard – she just turned 37)

Williamsburg, VA

Date of birth:
April 5, 1965

Place of birth:
County Donegal, Republic of Ireland

Dominic Abbott and Renée Dane Marlowe, Countess of Shilleen

Francie Abbott
Laura St. Bride

Sibling (half):
Lucy Maitland

Roman Catholic

St. James School, Williamsburg, VA
B.A., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Richard Ashmore (Married June 9, 1984/Separated June 1991/Served for divorce July 1, 2002)
Too many other relationships to mention
Kevin Stone (2002)

Julia Mary Ashmore

1984-1987, Sunday services pianist, Baptist church in Charlottesville
1987-1988, High school music teacher
2000-Present, Manager, Hampton Roads Club and Tavern

Jazz piano
Jack Daniels
Various recreational substances

Political affiliation:
Doesn’t care

How people see her:
Richard Ashmore: I wish I could have made you happy
Lucy Maitland: I love you but you drive me insane
Tom Maitland: Fruitcake
Julie Ashmore: I’ve always had a father — I just never had a mother
Philip Ashmore: He married the wrong girl
Peggy Ashmore: Men are such fools for a pretty face!
Scott McIntire: Fruitcake
Melanie McIntire: Leave some margaritas for the rest of us next time, okay?
Dominic Abbott: You are a great disappointment to me, Diana
Francie Abbott: Bitch
Meg St. Bride: Die-die-die Diana
Laura St. Bride: Why did you throw everything away? Why did you throw him away?
Diana Ashmore: None of you ever got me