Laura St. Bride

Laura St. Bride

Laura St. Bride

Author’s note: This is the same model who appears on the covers. Here, she is dressed more as I picture Laura dressed day to day.

Laura Rose Abbott St. Bride

Age (at time of story):
31 (a few months shy of 32)

Has lived in Williamsburg, VA; San Francisco, CA; Plano, TX; London, England

Date of birth:
September 9, 1970

Place of birth:
County Donegal, Republic of Ireland

Dominic Abbott and Renée Dane Marlowe, Countess of Shilleen

Diana Ashmore
Francie Abbott

Sibling (half):
Lucy Maitland

Roman Catholic

St. James School, Williamsburg, VA
B.Music, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

High school boyfriend: Neil Redmond (1987)
Husband: Cameron David St. Bride (Married January 14, 1989/Widowed September 11, 2001)
In love with: Richard Patrick Ashmore (all her life)

Margaret (Meg) Mary St. Bride

Various jobs in high school
1988, unnamed San Francisco club, sang as Cat Colby
1996-Present, Singer/actress under the name Cat Courtney

Album cover for Waterfalls

Album cover for Waterfalls

Notable songs by Cat Courtney:
“He Never Loved Me”

Albums by Cat Courtney:
Down to the Deep
Ghost of a Girl
You Who Never Saw

Net worth:
December 1988 – $33
December 2001 – $350 million

Album cover for You Who Never Saw

Album cover for You Who Never Saw

Writing poetry
Playing the piano

Political Affiliation:
Moderate/liberal (cancelled out her husband’s votes)

How people see her:
Cameron St. Bride: I knew the night I met her that she was the finest woman I would ever meet
Meg St. Bride: We fight and all, but I know she loves me more than anything
Mark St. Bride: She needs protection from the wolves
Emma St. Bride: Bitch stole my mother’s apartments
Diana Ashmore: Needs to mind her own freaking business, who died and appointed you my keeper?
Lucy Maitland: If she can’t get her feelings for Richard under control, we are headed for disaster
Tom Maitland: One ruthless character if she puts her mind to it
Dominic Abbott: The only one who will make it, but she shouldn’t have been born
Mel McIntire: Boy, does she have it bad for him
Scott McIntire: She can’t possibly be as much trouble as Diana
Terry Parker: I’d switch teams for her
Roger Duncan: A gallant lady
Jean McKenzie: The only St. Bride who ever admired the pictures of my grandchildren
Philip Ashmore: Still waters run very, very deep
Peggy Ashmore: My hand-picked successor
Julie Ashmore: She sees right through me, and I don’t like it
Francie Abbott: I loved her and I hated her — my other self
Richard Ashmore: She is steel and diamond, tempered and forged in the worst of crucibles. She has passed through fire. She can and will survive anything life throws at her. She is a woman for the ages.