The Players (Cast of Characters)

In talking to an early reader, I realized that I probably should have included a cast of characters. I’ll be sure to include one in the second and third books!

The Ashmore’s Folly Trilogy is really the story of three intertwined families: the Ashmores, the Abbotts, and the St. Brides. A fourth family, the Marlowes of Ireland, will intersect with the Abbotts in the third book.

Update: Thank you, Microsoft Visio 2013! I had so much trouble with Family Tree Maker that I finally resorted to doing the tree the old-fashioned way — I drew it.

  • Important characters are in bold.
  • Deceased characters are in italics.
  • Fictitious or stage names are in red.
  • * Denotes a character who is presumed dead.

 The Ashmores of Virginia

Click here for the Ashmore family tree.

  • Richard Ashmore: Master of Ashmore Park. Married to Diana Abbott. Father of Julie. (Click link for more detailed resume.)
  • Julie Ashmore: Daughter of Richard and Diana Abbott Ashmore. Niece of Lucy Abbott Maitland and Laura Abbott St. Bride. Granddaughter of Philip and Peggy Ashmore and Dominic Abbott.
  • Philip Ashmore: Father of Richard. Married to Margaret (Peggy) O’Brien Ashmore. Deceased.
  • Peggy Ashmore: Mother of Richard. Married to Philip Ashmore. Deceased.
  • Lucia (Lucy) Abbott: Daughter of Peggy’s cousin Siobhan O’Brien Abbott and Dominic Abbott. Abandoned as a child, raised by Philip and Peggy Ashmore as their daughter (see Abbotts below). (Click link for more detailed resume.)

 The Abbotts of Ireland and Virginia

Click here for the Abbott family tree.

Abbott Sisters:

  • Diana Abbott Ashmore: Oldest daughter of Dominic Abbott and Renee Dane Marlowe. Married to Richard Ashmore. Mother of Julie Ashmore. (Click link for more detailed resume.)
  • Lucia (Lucy) Abbott Maitland: Second daughter of Dominic Abbott and only child of wife Siobhan O’Brien. Married to Tom Maitland.  (Click link for more detailed resume.)
  • * Francesca (Francie) Abbott: Third daughter of Dominic Abbott and second daughter of Renee Dane Marlowe. Presumed dead, August 6, 1991.
  • Laura Abbott St. Bride: Fourth (youngest) daughter of Dominic Abbott and third (youngest) daughter of Renee Dane Marlowe. Married to *Cameron St. Bride. Adoptive mother of Margaret (Meg). Stage names: Cat Courtney and Cat Colby. (Click link for more detailed resume.)

Abbott Sisters’ Parents:

  • Dominic Abbott: Ex-monk, composer, and conductor. Married to Siobhan O’Brien. Lover of *Renee Dane Marlowe, Countess of Shilleen. Father to Diana, Lucia (Lucy), Francesca, and Laura. Deceased.
  • * Renee Dane Marlowe, Countess of Shilleen: Mistress to Dominic Abbott. Married to the 9th Earl of Shilleen. Mother of Diana, Francesca, and Laura. Presumed dead, October 2, 1970.

Abbott Sisters’ Children:

  • Julie Ashmore (see Ashmores above)
  • Margaret (Meg) St. Bride (see St. Brides below)

Abbott Sisters’ Spouses:

  • Richard Ashmore: Married to Diana Abbott Ashmore (see Ashmores above).
  • Tom Maitland: Married to Lucia Abbott Maitland.
  • * Cameron St. Bride: Married to Laura Abbott St. Bride (see St. Brides below).

 The St. Brides of Texas

Click here for the St. Bride family tree.

  • * Cameron St. Bride: Husband of Laura Abbott St. Bride. Adoptive father of Margaret (Meg) St. Bride. Brother to Mark and Emma. Son of Matthew and Kate St. Bride.
  • Margaret (Meg) St. Bride: Adopted daughter of Laura Abbott St. Bride and Cameron St. Bride.
  • Mark St. Bride: Brother of Cameron and Emma St. Bride.
  • Emma St. Bride: Sister of Cameron and Mark St. Bride.

 Other Characters

Some of these characters are minor, but all play their parts.

  • Max the Cat: Furry BFF of Laura St. Bride.
  • David Montgomery: ER doctor in Seattle, WA.
  • Robert (Robin) Marlowe, 10th Earl of Shilleen: Nephew of the 9th Earl (husband of Renee Dane Marlowe).
  • Jay Spencer: Laura St. Bride’s attorney.
  • Kevin Stone: Diana Ashmore’s attorney.
  • Scott McIntire: Richard Ashmore’s partner in Ashmore & McIntire.
  • Mel McIntire: ER doctor and wife of Scott McIntire.
  • Sara McIntire: Scott and Mel’s bored 12-year-old daughter
  • Amy Stewart: Investment banker and worrywart.
  • Dell Barnes: Cat Courtney‘s manager.
  • Father Neil Redmond: Laura St. Bride’s boyfriend from high school.
  • Brian Schneider: Financial news reporter and lover to Emma St. Bride.
  • Jean McKenzie: Executive administrative assistant to Cameron St. Bride.
  • Angie and Allie: Bimbettes from Boston and visitors to Monticello.
  • Jake: Angie’s boyfriend, blogger
  • Roger Duncan: Stage actor and co-star with Cat Courtney in Rochester. Partner of Terry Parker.
  • Terry Parker: Cordon Bleu chef and partner of Roger Duncan.
  • Julia Tremaine Ashmore: Great Lakes shipping heiress. Married to Jonathan Ashmore, Richard Ashmore’s great-grandfather.