All That Lies Broken

From the ashes of great tragedy
rises a great love

Excerpt from Chapter 2

He added, a sudden intense surge in his voice, “You don’t know what you’re asking. You can’t possibly know what you want already. It’s only been a week —”

She broke across his words. “It’s been thirty years.”

After fourteen years, Laura and Richard now stand face to face, equals, at the same place in their lives.

She is no longer that girl, separated by time and violence from the only man she has ever loved. He no longer stands alone, a young man devastated by betrayal and his own terrible folly.

But the world is not so easily forgotten. Even as Richard begins to dismantle the past that blocks his future, he struggles to open his heart to the last love of his life. Laura chafes against her place on the edge of his life, wanting so much more, no longer willing to settle for less.

“I won’t be the woman you can’t admit to”

The first cracks appear. Richard’s beloved Julie fiercely resists the change to her settled life with her father in the safety of Ashmore Park. Laura’s daughter Meg, reeling from blow after blow, defies Richard’s place in this bewildering new reality. Lucy’s heart breaks as Laura and Richard’s love begins to split the family apart.

“Something always gets broken…”

Enemies challenge the life they are struggling to build together. An estranged wife seeks to smash the man she hates so fiercely. A younger brother rages against the man who bested him in life and in death.

Secrets unravel. A world begins to shatter when a reporter stumbles across Laura’s secret. Then a sliver of bone resurfaces in a place of great sorrow, and a ghost of a girl rises from the past….

She was not going to be a creature
of his night anymore.
She was taking back the day.