Richard Ashmore

Richard Patrick Ashmore

Richard Patrick Ashmore

Author’s note: All right, so I never thought of Richard as anything but clean-shaven! But the moment I saw this photo on Fotolia, he struck me as the essence of Richard Ashmore. Sarah  Nicole Thomas, daughter of my dear friend and marketing consultant Paula Radell, kindly recolored the model’s eyes to match Richard’s slate blue eyes that he inherited from his mother. I can live with the scruff. Maybe this is Richard after a weekend spent at Ash Marine, reading and fishing.

Richard Patrick Ashmore

Age (at time of story):
37 (a few months shy of 38)

Ashmore Park, Williamsburg, VA

Date of birth:
October 2, 1964

Place of birth:
Williamsburg, VA

Philip Ashmore and Margaret (Peggy) O’Brien Ashmore

Sibling (foster):
Lucy Maitland


St. James School, Williamsburg, VA
B.Arch., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA (Major in Architecture, Minor in Mathematics)
M.Arch., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Wife: Diana Renée Abbott (Married June 9, 1984/Separated June 1991/Filed for divorce: July 1, 2002)
Girlfriend: Jennifer Melton (1996-1999)
In love with: Laura Rose St. Bride (2002 – )

Julia Mary Ashmore


Richard Ashmore at work

1988-1996, McGuire Cantrey, Staff Architect
1996-Present, Architect, Partner, Ashmore & McIntire
1999-Present, Adjunct Instructor, University of Virginia

Palladian Architecture in Virginia, 2000

Net Worth:
2002: Cleared $150K from architectural practice
2002 balance of Ashmore Park Trust: $20 million (all to be used for estate maintenance)

Ashmore Park (1000+ acres, 3 houses, stable block, summerhouse, small chapel, family graveyard)
Ash Marine (10+ acres, one main house, one satellite cottage)
Two airplanes (Bonanza and Cessna)
51% interest in Ashmore & McIntire

Richard Ashmore, Senior Partner, Ashmore & McIntire

Richard Ashmore, Senior Partner, Ashmore & McIntire









Horseback Riding

Political Affiliation:
Leans Republican, somewhat Libertarian

How people see him:
Diana Ashmore: Freaking Mr. Perfect and the personal thorn in my side
Scott McIntire: Nice guy, helluva structural engineer, married to the witch from hell
Lucy Maitland: Couldn’t ask for a better brother, but clean up your personal life, idiot!
Tom Maitland: Good guy, but what was he thinking
Julie Ashmore: My dad is perfect, but I hope he doesn’t get married again — I liked it when it was just the two of us
Meg St. Bride: Jeez, what a dictator. My way or the highway, right, Mr. Ashmore? Like you’re such a Boy Scout
Dominic Abbott: That godless Ashmore boy
Peggy Ashmore: No woman is good enough for my son
Philip Ashmore: My son faced his mistakes and became a man 
Laura St. Bride: The love of my life