All That Time Erases

“What is left, when the darkness burns away?”

Excerpt from Chapter 2

In one minute, Laura’s life changes forever,
as a vengeful man exposes Cat Courtney to the world.

Caught in the maelstrom of scandal, she struggles to survive,
threatened by the loss of fortune, reputation, career –
and the loss of her beloved daughter.

Richard Ashmore finds himself collateral damage,
his privacy under siege, his reputation destroyed,
his hard-won peace only a memory.

In a graveyard, Laura gambles her future,
only to see happiness slip away
when a forgotten drawing exposes her darkest secret.

Love is a battlefield

In an explosive moment, Diana wreaks a fiery revenge.
Lucy confronts a ghost from the past,
and glimpses the hidden hand behind an ancient moment
of violence and terror.

Then Laura answers the wrong phone call,
and comes face to face with the truth
of the blackest moment of her life.

“In you, I find safe harbor forever”

Lives are smashed and reformed.
A man casts away his pride to gain the world.
A family, destroyed by lies and murderous fury,
struggles to heal after the storms of scandal and terror.

A dynasty is reborn.
A great estate rises again for the ages.
And a woman of destiny,
tempered and forged in the worst of crucibles,
emerges as steel and diamond  −
triumphant at last.