Ashmore Extras


Ashmore Park: A History

Character Resumes

Richard Ashmore

Laura St. Bride

Diana Ashmore

Lucy Maitland


Back Story (including the history of the Ashmores back to 1895)

(includes the timeline of All That Glittered, the story of the Great Lakes shipping heiress)

All Who Are Lost (2001-2002)

All That Lies Broken (2002)

All That Burns the Dark (2002-2003; epilogue takes us to 2013)


Please note that Ashmore Park and Ash Marine are figments of my imagination! Don’t try to find them in real life!

Ashmore Park

Ash Marine

Family Trees

The Ashmores of Virginia

The Abbotts of Ireland and Virginia

The St. Brides of Texas

The Marlowes of Ireland


Books used in research for the trilogy


Ashmore’s Trivia

Thomas Jefferson’s Religious Beliefs