Lucy Maitland

Lucy Abbott Maitland

Lucy Abbott Maitland

Author’s note: The perfect Lucy!

Lucia (Lucy) Gianna Abbott Maitland

Age (at time of story):

Williamsburg, VA

Date of birth:
March 5, 1966

Parents (birth):
Dominic Abbott and Siobhan O’Brien Abbott

Parents (foster):
Philip and Peggy Ashmore

Siblings (half):
Diana Ashmore
Francie Abbott
Laura St. Bride

Sibling (foster):
Richard Ashmore

Roman Catholic

St. James School, Williamsburg, VA
B.A., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
J.D., University of Virginia School of Law, Charlottesville, VA

Lucy and Tom Maitland

Lucy and Tom Maitland

Tom Maitland (married 1994)

John (d. 2001)

1990 – 1997, Spencer & Garrett, Associate
1997 – Present, Maitland & Maitland, Partner

Raising African violets
True crime
Coaxing confessions out of her reluctant victims

Political affiliation:

How people see her:
Tom Maitland: My wonderful wife, and the only sane Abbott girl (Lucy’s response: My rock!)
Richard Ashmore: Mind your own business (Lucy’s response: You wish)
Julie Ashmore: World’s best aunt – I can talk to you about anything (Lucy’s response: Of course you can! Now tell me everything you know)
Dominic Abbott: Tone deaf (Lucy’s response: Tell me again why they didn’t hang you?)
A party from book 3, yet to be named: You always think you know everything, don’t you? (Lucy’s response: And your point is?)
Another party from book 3, yet to be named: You’d defend Satan, wouldn’t you? (Lucy’s response: Satan can’t afford my fees)
Mark St. Bride: She’d chop me up and fry me for breakfast without turning a hair (Lucy’s response: You miserable cockroach)
Diana Ashmore: I don’t know what I would do without you (Lucy’s response: I’d like to find out)
Laura St. Bride: You don’t have to do everything yourself (Lucy’s response: If I don’t, it won’t get done)
Philip and Peggy Ashmore: The daughter of our heart (Lucy’s response: I will miss you forever, Mom and Dad)