Outtake – Poem

This is a song written by “Cat Courtney” to commemorate an event that occurs in All Who Are Lost, Act One. I decided not to use it because I felt it was too long.

The Last Hour

Severe blue, that last hour,
You stood at the top of the world,
All as good as it would ever be.
The love of your life, back in your life,
Dreams, laid to rest, rising again,
Never better than this.

In that last good hour,
You stood at the top of the world,
Love ascending, the world at your feet,
Prince of all you saw.
You stared out at an open world,
Splendid sea, clean blue air,
Never better than this.

That last hour, did you know?
Did you feel it coming?
Through the morn, a dagger at the heart,
The end of love, the end of hope,
All you knew, all you were,
All you’d ever know, all you’d ever be.
You chose your fate, stay, not go.
In that last hour, you cast the die.

So many choices,
To love, to live,
To go, to stay,
To fight, to walk away,
In the end, you had only to choose
How to let love go,
How to die.

As the air burned,
And breath itself became
More than you could breathe,
Did you know?
As you reached to me across the sea,
All that had gone between us,
Did you know,
It was the end of thought,
It was the end of life,
It was the end of love?
Did you know that severe blue
Was the last you would ever see?

On that morning, in that last hour,
All was well, never better.
By noon, you passed into legend.