It’s been too long, but so much has happened

I just realized that I haven’t updated this blog for almost a year. Yikes! In my defense, it’s been a tumultuous year, punctuated by two deaths of people close to me.

I am working hard on All That Burns the Dark and hope to have it out within the next few months. Unfortunately, it will not have the touch of my long-time editor, Diane Mumpower, as we lost her a few months ago to lung cancer. Diane made a huge difference to these books; she understood my characters as well as I did, and she really helped me with Diana’s change of heart/rehabilitation in this third book.

Last November, for the first time, Diane asked me to tell her the rest of the story as I had outlined it. She had always said she wanted to find out what happened after I wrote it — she wanted to experience it the first time as a reader. I told her the remainder of the story (she had already worked on the first half), and she made a few suggestions about the direction one of the characters would take.

A month later, she was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, and we lost her 26 days after her diagnosis. I promised her the day before that I would finish the book, and I told her that I was dedicating it to her.

This is the dedication:


This is the permanent page on the Lindsey Forrest web site for Diane: Diane Mumpower