All That Time Erases

The Other Heiress

A novella about the fabled Great Lakes shipping heiress,
Julia Annabella Tremaine,
and her tempestuous life with Jonathan Ashmore.

Throughout the Ashmore’s Folly trilogy, we hear bits and pieces about Richard Ashmore’s great-grandmother, the Great Lakes shipping heiress Julia Tremaine. Her vast fortune has kept Ashmore Park thriving throughout the 20th century and allowed the Ashmore family to keep its land intact.

Julia also changed the face of Ashmore Park. Because she wanted to live in a bigger house than her mother-in-law (whose Chicago railroad fortune paled in comparison to Julia’s),  Julia decided to dismantle the Tremaine “cottage” in Newport after her father’s death and rebuild it on an unused section of Ashmore Park. It became unstable after a decade due to the poor soil on which Julia had insisted it be built.

So how did Julia and Jonathan meet? Why did she reject an English lord for the Southern Latin scholar with the imperious mother? Did their marriage of convenience (and money) turn into a deeper, richer union, or did it remain a bargain — his good looks and virility for her cold, hard cash? As Julia looks back over her life on the eve of her 100th birthday, she reflects on all that she won and lost since she met the handsome Virginian, and she imparts one last piece of wisdom to her great-grandson, Richard Patrick Ashmore.

All this and more in All That Time Erases,
to be published AFTER the conclusion to
the Ashmore’s Folly trilogy.

More soon!